The Project

What's AskUs?

A 5 episodes web series that brings an honest and in-depth representation of the unique aspects of the Israeli society, and shows the complexity and diversity in Israel, 

in order to provide a new perspective about life in Israel.
Each episode will focus on a different diverse group within Israeli society and will ask the questions you REALLY want to ask, such as: religion, military service, women in Israel etc.

How Did You Come Up With the Questions?

The questions are taken from StandWithUs questions pool asked by international audience in social media, and through in-depth conversations with jews living around the world. We chose the most repetitive, complex, hard and relevant questions to be featured on the show.

Who Will Answer the Questions? 

The people featured in the series are volunteers living all across Israel coming from different segments of society. The process of choosing the participants was executed carefully in order to best represent the diverse population living in Israel.

What Language is Spoken in the Series?

Our volunteers will speak English accompanied with  English, Hebrew and Arabic subtitles.

It is important for us to provide full accessibility to people around the world.

Where and When AskUs will be Available For Watching?

The show airs on September 2020!
It will be Available on social media through collaborations with international jewish/pro-Israeli organizations in order to reach a wide international student audience, as well as the Jewish population abroad. We will also distribute the series via StandWithUS’s social media platforms.

The series will also be on the project’s YouTube page.