We are 20 students participating in the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship program for leadership and public diplomacy.

StandWithUs is a non political and non profit organization that educates people around the world about Israel and fighting antisemitism.
Through lectures and workshops we take part in during the year, the program encourages entrepreneurship and leadership - this is how AskUs was created.

Israel’s media coverage around the world  is usually misleading and inaccurate. Our main goal in this project is to show the world how unique and diverse Israel, in order to provide a different and honest perspective of Israel than the one we usually see in the media, to help people form their opinions.

With the support and guidance of StandWithUs, we’ve been working on this project voluntarily since the initial idea up until recruiting participants, raising fundings, logistics etc because we truly believe this project is meaningful and can create a great impact on the wat people think about Israel around the world.

In these days where we experience a great global uncertainty and non-stop antisemitic incidents, Cohesion and mutual help are more important than ever.
We invite you to join us in the fight for an appropriate representation of the state of Israel around the world!

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